Koluchstyl Poland Martial Art


Koluchstyle is an art, which inside its form contains physical development, as well as psychological and spiritual one. On the physical level Koluchstyle is a sport fight and widely used self-defence. Lets start from the self-defence in Koluchstyle. It is similar to classic self-defence that we learn at many courses for amateurs or bodyguards. If I told you that self-defence in Koluchstyle is completely different I would lie. During many centuries people have been practicing various fight styles and at this time it would be really hard to create the one, which would not have even one hit technique, throw or lever analogous to those used in the old school. All in all man has only two hands and two legs. Therefore during thousands of years countless number of people have been working on developing several techniques. Some are in use, other had been forgotten. Many of them are too hard to explore, because they are need to be accomplished with long lasting training and meditation. I mentioned here various styles, because I am inspired by them and I mix them with my own techniques.


In Koluchstyle in defence we use wide arsenal of fight techniques plus weapon. With those techniques we defend ourselves against any enemy armed with a knife, a truncheon, a cleaver, a sword or a gun. Of curse to fight the master of sword we need years of special training, but here I mean an ordinary aggressor, who uses his weapon in a rather clumsy way.


Koluchstyle raised as an effect of 30 years of my experience in different areas. I have started from judo, where I achieved my first Dan as an eighteen years old boy with my trainer Marian Tałaj. I won many medals on Teenage Challengers and Championships of Poland. I also got familiar with Kenjutsu, Kyokushin, Kickboxing, Tajboxing, Tai Chi Chuan, Wrestling, or Sumo and lots of people all over the world assign me with those disciplines.


In Koluchstyle we perform many defence techniques, but we attack too. In situation with one or two attackers we can use self-defence to disable them. There are also situations with highest amount of attackers when we must become aggressors and use strokes, kicks, cuts, undercuts and throws to surprise adversaries and take the advantage. I would like to strongly emphasize, that we should behave in such way only in fatal situations, when the confrontation is inevitable and we cannot back off.


During the practice of Koluchstyle I put a lot of attention on possible threats and ways to avoid them. We fight only on ground, touching a mat by knees. Consequently we keep off many contusions, like ankle contorsion, confutation of a knee or shoulder, shoulder dislocation as a result of a fall and similar injuries connected to ankle mortise or tendon rupture. In my opinion ground level is much safer than stand level and from my experience turns out that competitors who fights with this method later are stronger in stand-up position.


In style which I created we fight on mat in yin yang circle frinfed with two rings. The first one has 2.3m diameter. It is a ring for adolescents up to 16 years old. The second ring has a diameter of 2.8 m and it is dedicated to adults in conjunction with seniors. It is relatively little circle in which it is impossible to move freely, even on knees. I think that it reflects the place of maneuver nowadays. Man should be highly concentrated and perfectly prepared in each and every sphere of life. In other way he can be thrown out of his job or his morality and life rules. Such things would not be possible if our mind was concentrated on God. It is unfulfillable for many people because of their inside development related with particular convictions and negation of the existence of God.


In sport struggle it might happen that we will be surprise by opponent, just like in life. That is why I formed a rule that we fight till two won one-minute rounds. If our adversary surprise us we still have a chance to win – on condition that we will win next two rounds. The fight is observed by two side referees and one gjogi – mid referee. Rules are properly precised. I based it on rules from other styles of fight.


On the ground level we use about 90% of all techniques. Those are expulsions, constrictions, levers. Levers are applied on every hand-joint from fingers (we must hold 3), wrists, elbows, shoulders. Constrictions and levers on tournaments can be used by fighters over 17 years old. Till that age we use expulsions and holds. Holds in Koluchstyle are innovation. They last 10 seconds and the overpowered opponent can lay on stomach, side or, like in judo, on his back. In Koluchstle we also use levers on legs, without turning feet on side what avoids contusions and psychic trauma. For advanced competitors I introduced pressures on vital points on trunk. Applying pressures on vital points around neck and head is forbidden.


In Koluchstyle competitors are dressed in blue or dark blue judo pants, yellow or black cotton t-shirts and white socks with additional welt on ankle. Consummation the whole outfit is a traditionaly knotted short belt. We use 5 colors of belt, in turn: orange, green, blue, brown (kyu ranks) and black (dan ranks). As it is in most fight styles the colors stands for the progress of a competitor. During a fight we do not grab the belt, t-shirt or pants.


On the first and further levels of dan next to techniques we also learn methods of soothing pain. First help in eventual contusions includes: katsu, shiatsu massage, relaxing techniques, herbal preparations and finally basics of homeopathy. I exploit here my long-term experience as an esothery and psychology teacher and a scientist, who investigates places of power all over the world.


Koluchstyl is now quite a lot of interest among the many athletes who practice martial arts not only in Poland but also abroad. Since 2009 he held 11 tournaments of national and international level, including the Polish Championship three times and two European Championships. In 2010, Koluchstyl was accepted and enrolled as a sport for the Polish Association of Sport Budo, as well as six international martial arts organizations including the World Organization of Martial Arts (WMAO). May 18, 2012 he was appointed to the Polish Association of Koluchstyl the entry in the National Court in Bialystok. Admittance of belonging to the Polish Association of Koluchstyl reported 42 clubs from across the Polish.