Hymn Koluchstyl – wersja angielska

In Poland, in Europe this style was created

To reunite people today separated

The world shouldn’t be in need of such dividing

Because only one sun high above is shining


Koluchstyle is the child of the Earth- Mother

Koluchstyle in all other styles sees its brother

In koluchstyle your origin is of no matter

 In koluchstyle mat’s the place to fight with another

There is any difference what is your origin

What is your skin color or what is your region

God is the creator of all that is living

There’s no need to doubt it that’s what nature’s giving


There is a number of martial Arts combining

The style has sport s version or self-defence variety

Experianced spectator will straightaway catch sight of

What system exactly the technique is derived from


There is a short mat during any wrestling

That is the reflection of the world’s tightening

All the players kneeling humbly bow because they

Know in ying-yang circle they can win or loose play


To fight with another To fight with an other